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Springfield Elementary School
Springfield Elementary School Home
Students smile as they eat lunch in a classroom

Meet the Tigers

From our tiny tots to our tweens and everyone in between, we welcome you here! We want every child to have the confidence and skills they need to pursue their dreams and goals, wherever those may lead them. We accomplish this by providing a comprehensive education delivered by caring teachers and supported by our community. It takes a team, and we’re glad you’re on ours.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Springfield Platteview Community Schools (SPCS) is to ensure that all students acquire the 21st-century skills and behaviors necessary for each student to succeed now and into his/her future.

We define 21st-century skills and behaviors as follows:

  • Core knowledge/literacy: essential learning proficiency (standards), global literacy, financial and economic literacy, civic literacy, health and wellness literacy, beginning career knowledge
  • Higher level thinking skills: problem solving, decision making, making inferences, application, synthesis and creativity/ innovation, and analysis and evaluation
  • Communications literacy: communications and information technology; reading, writing, speaking, listening proficiency; collaboration; and research
  • Life skills: ethics, responsibility and personal productivity, self-reflection and direction, social responsibility, leadership, and adaptability

School Counseling

SPCS is pleased to offer elementary counseling services. Our counselor provides classroom lessons to help students see the many ways social skills can be used to communicate more effectively. The school counselor is also available for private counseling for any student who may need assistance navigating a difficult situation at school or coping with changes at home. We also welcome parents/guardians to call the counselor directly to answer any questions you might have during this time of their development.

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